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Posted by blueridgepets on October 28, 2009 at 10:36 AM


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Reply Linda Wolff
7:33 PM on May 26, 2011 
Sassy and Spanky our Yorkie and YorkiePoo are now a year old and are the best dogs we could have ever wished for. Thanks again Blue Ridge for making the sweetest smartest two puppies I could have ever wished for. Sassys six pounds Spanky is four. Everyone comments on how gorgeous they both are. We love them to pieces. And we're glad to hear my daughters neighbor is coming down to pick up Ronnie the chihuahua. :) I will keep recommending you!
Reply Crystal
7:39 PM on June 2, 2011 
I would like to know where u are located, we cant find u on the map
Reply elizabeth Emery
1:47 PM on June 3, 2011 
We got a little wes-Tese from you guyes about 7 months ago and she is doing so well. Maci is so spoiled and gets lots of love. She is a big part of the family. Thanks again we lover her so much!!
Reply DSmolek
12:03 PM on June 7, 2011 
Our sweet girl, Pepper, is your Butch's littermate, so nice to see pics of her brother!! He is a handsome lil' boy!! Pepper is everything we could ask for and the most loveable baby ever! Thank you so much, you have brought much love and happiness to our home. Hope all of your family is doing well. We have been thinking Pepper needs a playmate and may be back up there soon!! Do you have any schnauzers coming soon?? We'd love to have another of Missy and Blackjack's babies.
Reply Sarah
8:21 AM on June 22, 2011 
Are the beagle puppies purebred? Also, where are you located? Thanks :)
Reply Andrea Jones
5:25 PM on August 5, 2011 
We bought Shelby last week and we just love her. She is sooo affectionate and fits perfectly into our family. She has a great disposition. She is lovable. She sits on my lap each night and I rock her to sleep. Her coat is so silky. We love to pet her. She gets a lot of love and attention. You did a great job with her. Thank you so much.
Reply ginger
9:50 PM on August 7, 2011 
We purchased roxanna's brother eariler this week and we could'nt be more happy and more proud of are decison to take are new little guy home, Ju Ju. He is a great joy! He is sooooo smart, alert, and picks up on everything. He is learning to walk with a leash, he's picking up on commands quick and the potty training is going very well. We will diffently be back to get Ju Ju a misses!
Reply missy
10:14 AM on August 10, 2011 
Where are you located? I would like to come visit the puppy's parents. Thank you!
Reply anonymous
11:54 AM on August 15, 2011 
Hi, what is the process for buying a puppy? I am in Ohio. Thank you!! Missy
Reply Linda Carter
2:25 AM on September 13, 2011 
How do I buy a puppy
Reply Susan Joy
4:18 PM on September 13, 2011 
When do you expect another litter of Cavilers or do you ever breed Cavapoo's?...Thanks
Reply Amy
11:03 PM on September 13, 2011 
I am looking for a dark apricot multipoo puppy, would you happen to have any coming up and what would you charge?
Reply Randy and Sharon Williamson
10:29 AM on December 4, 2011 
We bought a male english bulldog (sarge) Feb of last year and was treated very well. Sarge is very active, for a bulldog, and we get alot of comments on how good he looks. We have had no health problems with him and he gets along very well with our other two dogs. We highly recommend BlueRidge Pets if someone is looking for a dog.
Reply Terry
4:48 PM on December 12, 2011 
Hi! I've had Amanda for 2and a half years now. She is the sweetest pug in the world! She and my coockatoo, Fred have a great time playing together. I would highly recommend your kennel. Thanks!
Reply hank morris
10:51 AM on December 19, 2011 
we bought jake the blk pug. his new name is solomon. oh what a hand full!!!! he gets lots of love and gives back so much more... will send pics. soon thanx 4 a great conpanian
Reply Brooke
5:36 PM on January 30, 2012 
When are you guys doing a litter of pugs and any idea of pricing ? Please foward any info very much interested and how your process works
Reply Amy
2:06 PM on February 23, 2012 
I have Sammy a 7 year old Cockapoo and Hope a 2 year old toy poodle I have gotten from BlueRidge and they have been wonderful.They Have had a littler of puppies and I kept one of there pups thats name is Tanner they all were very easy to train,very loving and full of energy.Could not ask for more love and affection from dogs.Would Highly recommend Blue Ridge to anyone.
Reply Ryan Christensen
10:10 AM on March 13, 2012 
We purchased a wonderful dog from this website and she has been a great addition to the family. She has an awesome personality, is very clean, and has a big appetitie. She has found a good home and we thank you for the reasonable price and all of your efforts.
Reply Heartless
5:53 PM on September 11, 2012 
Future buyers please read. I want you to know how heartless this person is. I put a down payment on a puppy. Due to my lease agreement, i was not able to adopt this dog. When i kindly asked for a refund and told her my story, she declined. Then, this is the best part. I asked since i can't get my money back, at least let someone else use my money as their down payment. Of course there was no answer. Greedy people.
Reply Maureen
4:13 PM on November 13, 2012 
Over Labor Day we purchased the sweetest Shar Pei from you. I think his name was Brutus. We renamed him Oscar. And he is adorable. Healthy Happy Quick to learn. Soooo stinking cute.

Oscar may need a friend in the future. Please keep me posted when you have shar pei litters. Not sure about soon.... but someday.

Have a Happy Holiday Season